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Michael Krasny

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White House Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) meet with Congressional Republicans in the State Dining Room at the White House May 08, 2020 in Washington, DC.  (Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images)

Secretary of State Pompeo confirmed Monday that he asked President Trump to fire the State Department’s Inspector General, leaving it without a watchdog. This follows Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice dropping the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, despite his guilty plea. For author Sarah Kendzior, these moves are just more evidence of what she has been warning about for years — President Trump’s authoritarian tendencies and the growing threats to checks and balances and the rule of law. Kendzior joins us to talk about her new book “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America.”


Sarah Kendzior, author, “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America” and “The View from Flyover Country”