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The prime minister promised dramatic actions to fix the economy and more as Parliament resumes. But rising coronavirus cases may temper his ambition.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada will reveal his much-anticipated legislative plan on Wednesday.Credit…Blair Gable/Reuters

OTTAWA — A brand-new Canada — greener, healthier, more compassionate, fairer.

That’s what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised last month, after announcing that he was suspending Parliament as an ethics scandal involving his government and his family was exploding.

He promised to present the country with an ambitious recovery plan from the coronavirus, and the economic devastation it has unleashed, saying, “This is our moment to change the future for the better.”

On Wednesday, he will finally reveal his much-anticipated legislative plan — and as much as it is an effort to reset the nation, it’s also an opportunity for Mr. Trudeau to reset his political fortunes.

Mr. Trudeau is grappling with high unemployment, a soaring budget shortfall and an uncertain future for many of Canada’s businesses. Coronavirus infection rates have begun rising again — as well as fears that a second wave of the pandemic has begun.

Some provinces have revived restrictions, leading to worries about even more economic woes. Lofty — and expensive — long-term goals may be less palatable.

Kathy Brock, a professor in the policy studies department at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, said the prime minister must offer more than platitudes.

“Mr. Trudeau has to have a plan or proposal that says to Canadians: ‘We have a sense of where we are going, we aren’t just reacting now,’ ” she said.

After suspending Parliament last month, Mr. Trudeau promised to present the country with an ambitious recovery plan from the coronavirus.Credit…Blair Gable/Reuters

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