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On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Rick Pearson speaks with Attorney Michael Dorf and Mayor of Skokie, George Van Dusen, as they’re the authors of the the late veteran Congressman Sid Yates biography, “Clear It with Sid!”.  Michael and George talk about Sid’s amazing track record, the evolution of the Country that the book details, and some of the most interesting aspects they discovered while conducting their research.

Next, Rick is joined by Mae Whiteside, chairwoman of Flourish PAC, and former Democratic state Rep. and lieutenant governor candidate Litesa Wallace of Rockford, on efforts to encourage more diversity in campaigns for public office. Mae and Litesa explain what Flourish PAC is; stress the importance of recruiting women of color to run for office; and the IL Black Campaign Academy and their work.

Then, Rick talks to Tribune reporter Ray Long on the Mike Madigan related federal investigations. Ray breaks down some of his latest stories including ComEd, state and local politicians, and much more.

*The Sunday Spin will now air Sundays from 5p-7p